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Hello people, my name’s Elaine Hopkins but you can call me the Redundancy Crusader. I haven’t always been a crusader. Up until June 2010, I was a copywriter and a coach in corporate life.
Then I got made redundant and
everything changed.

That experience turned me into an investigator,
an author and a crusader. My crusade is sacred
and serious. It has three aims:

  • to help you get over redundancy;
  • to help you get on with the rest of your life; and
  • to identify, to create if necessary, a better model of redundancy than the one currently in use.

Retail Trust logoI’m waging this crusade on behalf of all of us who’ve been made redundant. I’ve written a book, and I’m donating 10% of my book royalties to the Retail Trust; its ReWork programme helps those made redundant from the retail sector back into work. I’ve also created this site, and will be blogging, tweeting, and sharing loads of good stuff, but I need you to play your part.

This is a community-based website where I welcome your stories, your comments, your discoveries, your highs and your lows. I’m a firm believer that we can all learn from one another. And this is where I want to get the redundancy debate started. It’s not about statistics; it’s about us.

So let’s start making some noise: you can start here by commenting on my blog posts or you can nip over to my Facebook page. Whatever you do, please just: join the crusade.

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